Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

The Miracle of Sholat

Many sources have provided us the remarkableness of sholat. Sholat is scientifically proven salubrious for our body our mind. In this writing, I will try to give another perspective of the miracle of sholat. An extraordinary experience of mine.

I once have an unforgettable experience with sholat. When I was the fourth or the fifth grader (I forget the actual time), I had fighting with my little brother who was still studying in the first grade of primary school. He was a spoiled and definitely a naughty kid :D. We fought all the time, but on that day, our fight is unusual. The climax of our fight was a tragedy for me. My little brother suddenly grabbed a tiny-sharp stick out of nowhere and sticked my left knee nearby its joint. My blood bursted out. I panicked, my brother panicked and it was worsened when I saw the stick. I noticed if that stick only left one third of its length. I looked for another cut on the ground but I didn’t find it. I touched the prick on the side of my left knee and I felt like a clod.

Form the first time, I was suspicious if the rest of that stick was stuck in my left leg. When I saw a local doctor in the local clinic and told him the whole story, she said that it was only a clod of blood (since then, I never believe doctors 100%). It is because I strictly belive if there was a cut of stick nearby the joint of my left knee. And that doctor only gave me antibiotic medicine (hei DOCTOR! Don’t you see that jutty, huh?). Thus, I and my parents decided to see another doctor. I saw a spesialist and we agreed to do a little surgery.

After performing the surgery, I felt relieved for a while. But on the next day, I doubted if that specialist doctor had done the surgery flawlessly. When I touched the area of the prick, I could still feel a jutty (and it ofcourse worsened my perception about doctors). I told my parents but they said if that was probably a clod of blood. But I was not really sure for that.

And where is the shalat? Here I go…

Fortunately, I have been growing in the middle of a family who is obedient to performing sholat. Since I was kid, my parents insisted me to do sholat five times a day. This becomes a well-grounded base for me. No matter either in a sickness or in a good condition, I am completely understood if sholat is a must. After that incident, I was crippled for about one week. Islam teaching says, if you cannot perform sholat in a standing straight up position, then you can do it in a seated position. If you can not sit, then you can lie down. If you are anguished that make you feel a very severe pain, then you even still have to do sholat even by the movement of your eyelids. Sholat is an obligation which has no any compensation. A moslem is freed from performing sholat under two conditions: either he/she is insane or he/she is unconscious.

For several days, I did sholat in a seated position. Until one night, I decided to do sholat in standing position. I obviously could not stand perfectly with my left leg. My leg could not stand upright. I remember, at the time I was doing sholat Isya, the last sholat in a entire day. When I was getting up from my prostrate, all of a sudden, a stick came out from the area of the prick at the left side of my left knee. I stopped my sholat. I took it bit by bit and the length was just unexpected. It was longer that I thought. Unbelievably, no blood in there! The stick was just as dried as it never stayed in my flesh!

I showed it to my parents and I did my sholat again.