Minggu, 11 September 2011

9/11 : Opening Up Pandora’s Box

The attacks of 9/11 has spawned tremendous aftermath. It takes a very long period for the people in the Unites States to get recovery from the massive shock. America, which has become the most powerful country for decades , was discredited by its failure of guarding its supremacy. It was because the terrorist said to be success to demolish two important buildings; WTO-the symbol of economic power of America and Pentagon-the symbol of national defense of America. Thus, none has ever predicted if this invasion could ever be executed.


Al-Qaeda who admitted its involvement in that one of the horrible moments for American people in particular, and even for world people, has become the most targeted terrorist organization from the time that attack happened. Since the attack, America began ‘War on Terror’ where impinging many aspecs of securitiy issues. The policies are immediately created to tighten surveillance. Not only a strong security, but USA also agressively invaded Afganistan as a breeding place of terrorists and Iran under suspicion of nuclear weapon possession.

The other policiy , for instance, is secondary inspection in all international airports in America. If you have a moslem-sound name, or you come from a country where moslem is majority, it is most likely you will be included on that inspection. Likewise, it will not easy for those moslems people to get visa to go to USA if they have that sort of name.

The (Probable) Hidden Truths

Obama said, after the successsful arresting operation of Osama bin Laden, America becomes stronger and on the contrary, the Alqaeda’s party is weaker. The arrest of Osama, however, arouse speculation among people. The death body of Osama was never showed in front of public and media.

The incredulity of most American’s terror-related actions has grown since the attack. The existence of Alqaeda even for some people is still questioned. It is only a ruse of America government to get scape goat blamed on. Furthermore and probably the worst deception if it is true, Some people believe if the 9/11 attack is the design of USA itself. Some scientists believe if the destruction on the buildings could only happen if there are severeal bombs that are prepared beforehand. The fire and the explosion could not occur if it was merely caused by the crashed planes.

The further question that can arouse is, where were the 4000 Jew descendants who were working there at the time? All them just suddenly dissapeared before the attack. Does it make a sense if coincidentally all jew descendants are absent at the same time when attack happened?

Pandora’s Box

It has been ten years after September 9 making horrendous reaction towards people on the world. 9/11 has opened up pandora’s box in multifaceted aspects. Inevitably, one of the most wretched victims is Islam. Islamophobia has grown due to the invasion of 9/11. Many people misinterpret the teachings of Islam afterward. Many people suddenly made an oversimplification if Islam is a violent religion. Moslems are viewed scornfully and always be suspected whetever they go. Quran as a holy kitab is said to be an evil book and should be demolished.

Moreover, this occasion was used by America and several European countries to made invasion over Irak’s government with nuclear weapon as a center reason, which,of course was eventually not proven at all. Again, they also sent their troops to Afganistan by means of security reason. These all reactions as traumatic responses, on the contrary just creating antipathy instead of sympathy over America and its allies.

There are so many agendas should be accomplished to straighten all deviations caused by 9/11. Moslems have to restore Islam’s image as a peacefull and blessed religion. On the other hand, America also should recover all destruction that they has made. America has to be responsible with all military actions and quickly take away every single concealed political and economic interest with ‘War on Terror’ as a reason.

Memeto Chocolatos

Makassar, 9/11/11